Megamix actually started as sketches of Akuma and Ken (my least favourite characters from Street fighter) getting beat up by Ryu (my favourite character from the game). my original idea was actually a parody where a character based on me fights characters from different games. However, the more I thought about it, I realised that it was going to be either a shallow gag strip or something too much like existing Street Fighter comics. So I mapped out a rough story and some characters and thus Fighter's Megamix was born.

Anyway, here are a group of sketches from my sketchbook of stories and characters I made up or from existing creations.

<Concepts> character sketches for Megamix and other projects, stories and worlds

<Fanart> yes, I do like to dress up characters from other comics

<Random sketches> of other anime, manga, movies, games, anything I find interesting really


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